Clients and testimonials

Through Enlivened Minds and Rising Minds (the social enterprise I co-founded) I have delivered coaching & training programmes with individuals and groups within businesses and organisations in public, private and third sectors including housing, law, finance, and local government. These include:

  • Moorfield Group (fund management)

  • A London Law Firm

  • Poplar Harca Housing Association

  • Slough Borough Council

  • Quaker Social Action (anti-poverty charity)

  • Open Book project, Goldsmiths College

  • Lifeline Basis (addiction charity)

  • Bowhaven (mental health charity)

  • Haringey CCG

  • Munich Re

  • South Kilburn Community Trust

  • Tower Hamlets Community Homes

  • Talking Talent


Here's what some of them have said about my work:

Group work

“Tim’s ‘Wisdom at Work’ programme was extremely well received by our senior management team at Servier Bulgaria. It was highly successful in delivering our senior management team’s training objectives –to learn practical ways to deal with stress and distraction, to improve focus and performance, to find a better work/life balance, and to enhance our ability to communicate and build strong relationships with colleagues. There was an excellent balance of theory and practice, and participants also really appreciated how Tim created space for self-reflection and in-depth interaction during the exercises. Tim is a highly competent trainer and an expert in his field of psychological resilience and authentic leadership. Participants also enjoyed his sense of humour, honesty, and friendly approach. I highly recommend Tim and his training programmes to leaders and senior managers seeking to connect with their natural wisdom and energy in the workplace, so that life at work can become more fulfilling and enjoyable.” Antoaneta Nestorova, HR Manager, Servier Bulgaria


“I strongly recommend this training and the trainer: Tim was very well organised and knows his material well.” Svilen Grudev, Medical and External Affairs Manager, Servier Bulgaria

“Tim delivered a programme of mindfulness-based resilience training for a group of employees at Slough Borough Council. The training proved to be highly effective in helping participants to deal more effectively with the everyday challenges and stresses of working life at a local authority. The written and anecdotal feedback – about Tim’s mastery of the subject, training style, and sensitivity with participants – was excellent. The project has continued in the organisation with weekly mindfulness sessions thanks to Tim’s advice on sustainability. Tim was very easy and enjoyable to work with: he really got what we were trying to achieve with the training, and he was always very responsive to our needs. I’d highly recommend Tim as a trainer and coach, and as someone to partner with professionally.” Jules Potter, Head of Organisational Development, Slough Borough Council


“Poplar Harca invested in a series of mindfulness-based resilience programmes for a number of staff, which Tim designed and co-delivered. I was impressed by Tim’s ability to ‘get under the skin’ of what it’s like working for Poplar Harca and to adapt the training accordingly. The training went down very well – there was always a positive buzz among the participants after each session. They found the simple techniques taught very effective in helping them feel calmer and more in control while at work, and appreciated Tim’s relaxed and friendly training style. I’d certainly recommend working with Tim to help any workforce manage the challenges of their daily lives at work.” Andrea Baker, Director of Housing, Poplar Harca Housing Association

“I have known Tim in a professional capacity for around five years.  During that time, I have been massively impressed by all aspects of his work. His ability to connect with both groups and individuals is second to none. At Open Book – which works with individuals from a range of difficult backgrounds, including addiction and mental health – Tim has co-run team coaching sessions; led mindfulness & group coaching sessions for students; and provided 1-1 coaching for staff and students. In all these roles, Tim deals with people sensitively, confidently and competently – and he has supported many through very problematic circumstances. On a personal note, my access to Tim has proven to be a great asset.  He is available whenever I may need a confidante or advice, which is always given freely and appropriately; I cannot recommend him in a manner high enough to give him full credit.” Joe Baden OBE, Director, Open Book, Goldsmiths College


"Tim has a good grasp of the scientific basis for mindfulness and is able to handle the rigorous challenges from our staff. The training is taking effect and is starting to make a difference to a number of staff members. The course has been manageable for our busy professionals and has allowed them to take bite size chunks of the technique of mindfulness and practice this on a regularly basis without demanding an off putting commitment. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tim as a trainer of the mindfulness approach to life." Chief Executive of a London Corporate Law Firm

Tim’s approach always seems very ‘fresh’; I sense he is working with clients in ways that he works with himself, and for that reason there is a deep integrity to his approach. He is present, empathic and creative in his work.” Pattie Horrocks, Executive Coach


 “Tim knows what he’s talking about – he has the right training and experience. He walks the talks – he lives his values. He is organised and structured in a containing but not restrictive way.” Dr Louise Sheppard, Partner at Praesta LLP 

“I’ve got so much out of the courses with Tim. I have a much deeper understanding of mindfulness, a respect for it and its practice thanks to his teachings. I think of him as someone who only says things that are well thought through.  What is distinctive is that he seems to live and breathe what mindfulness is as opposed to just running a course on it. Tim is wise, calm, empathetic and full of integrity.” Flora MacDonald


“Tim has a very enabling presence which gives me, as a client, great confidence and the ability to explore freely. He is flexible, focussed, responsive to the group, and gives clear explanations.” Tessa Bradon


“Tim is open, non-judgmental, suggestive not prescriptive, thoughtfully directed, while being thoroughly professional and always delivered in what I would call a ‘generous spirit’.” Anon


“'I found Tim's training extremely helpful. He spelt out very clearly how mindfulness aligns with core ICF competencies and could be used to enhance our skills around these.” Anon


"I found Tim’s calm, gentle and intelligent approach supportive and helpful.  Whilst he clearly has a great deal of knowledge and understanding on the subject, he also showed a humility and respect to people on the course which I found refreshing.  He created a safe space to work through some of the difficult challenges. It was always a relief not to feel patronised.  I cannot recommend Tim enough as a mindfulness teacher". Caroline Parkes


One-to-one work


“Tim holds a safe, supportive environment that enables you to work deeply on the areas you feel are most important to you. Working with him is a great way to maintain mental fitness and focus on practical positive change.” Mr E. Kerkhoven


“Coaching with Tim gave me the space to think about personal achievements within work and my personal life…and to tackle internal and external problems that have prevented me from achieving my goals, work load and ambitions. After 6 weeks I felt as if I was on the right path to thinking more succinctly and productively.” Staff member at an East London Social Inclusion charity


“Throughout the sessions, Tim was supremely present for me. His reflections and insights were sensitive and true to the mark. He made me feel very comfortable and at the same time he asked highly thought-provoking questions, which led me to activate changes that enable more fulfilment at work and integrity around my values. I would recommend Tim as a life coach without hesitation; his style is effective, personal, sensitive and thoroughly enjoyable.” Staff member at an East London Social Inclusion charity


“I liked that as the sessions went on Tim wasn’t closed about his own vulnerabilities. This gave him the human edge and therefore he gained my trust. I felt there was a genuine balance in the sessions where he gave me the space to lead my own ideas whilst supporting me and offering his own suggestions and perspectives in a non-threatening but also assertive manner.” Anon


“Tim is an inspirational and exceptional coach. In a short space of time he has helped me to achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change in my life – enabling me to take the road ahead that will lead to fulfilling my professional and personal goals.” Suresh Singh


“Tim has an impeccable ability, particularly in one to one sessions, to reflect back what's being discussed, completely unbiasedly enabling me to feel supported in finding my own solutions to the problems I present with. It's so empowering to have the space and opportunity to reflect and find resolution in this way.” Bianca Palmieri


"When I first met up with Tim I was discombobulated, angry and I felt the world owed me a favour. Tim told me I was like a whirlwind. This was coming from a gentle and easy going practitioner of mindfulness. His words were profound and direct and the beginning of a new journey developing and understanding myself. Tim taught me how to relax and how engage in mindfulness. I meditate on a daily basis using the skills I learnt from Tim and his guidance has continued to be invaluable in helping me deal with myself and the world that I live in." Alex Parker


“What’s particularly memorable about my work with Tim is the ease I felt in both the one to one and group sessions with him. He is open-minded, calm and understanding. I found it easy to open up.” Laura Muldoon


“What I appreciate and admire most in Tim is his ability to remain impartial and patient by allowing me to externalise my own thoughts in my own time.” Danny Reilly


“Tim is sensitive, positive, and constructive. He listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve through coaching and learning about mindfulness and did a great job of tailoring what we did to what I'd asked for.” Anon