Workplace Resilience

Organisations are facing tough times – with growing pressure to do more for less. This takes its toll on employees: the most recent Labour Force Survey reports that 15.4 million work days a year are lost through stress, anxiety and depression. In the face of these complex workplace challenges people need a better way of thinking and working.  Mindfulness-based resilience training can provide exactly this. I can help your people learn to manage their own minds better – to be focused, resilient and emotionally positive – leading to improved wellbeing and productivity.

How mindfulness-based resilience works

When you’re mindful, you’re simply present here and now – aware of what’s going on in and around you. This counteracts unhelpful ‘autopilot’ thinking, when attention gets stuck in future worries, or painful memories. With roots in ancient practices, mindfulness has been shown in recent clinical research to lead to:

  • Less stress – mitigating the effects of the damaging ‘fight/flight/freeze response’

  • Clearer mind – increased attention, concentration, and memory

  • Emotional intelligence – clarity and confidence to communicate assertively while kindly

  • Creativity – ability to hold a wider perspective and think ‘outside the box’

  • Effective decision making – the mind sifts through data more intuitively and efficiently

Training format and content

I provide mindfulness taster sessions, workshops and in-depth courses for groups and teams in the workplace. The training is highly experiential – including meditation, mindful exercises, and group discussions. It’s based around the simple ABC formula from my book The ABC Guide to Mindfulness:

A. Awareness: of what is happening in your present-moment experience.

B. Being with your experience: cultivating acceptance of yourself and the world around you.

C. Choosing wise responses to your experience, by responding wisely instead of reacting automatically.

In-house train-the-trainer programmes

For organisations wishing to roll out resilience training to large numbers of employees, I also offer in-house train-the-trainer programmes for internal trainers and coaches, managers and L&D people. This allows you to design, deliver and continually refine your own bespoke programmes and workshops to meet your organisation's particular needs.

"I'd wholeheartedly recommend Tim as a trainer of the mindfulness approach to life at work." CEO, Corporate Law Firm

“Tim is perhaps the best trainer I have met. He uses very understandable language – and the pace of the training is just right to allow everyone to understand everything. He has perfect communication skills.”

Serafim Cholakov, IT Manager, Servier Bulgaria

"I found Tim’s calm, gentle and intelligent approach so helpful. I cannot recommend him enough " Caroline Parkes

“I’d certainly recommend working with Tim to help any workforce manage the challenges of their daily lives at work.

Andrea Baker, Director of Housing, Poplar Harca Housing Association