Privacy Policy

I review this privacy policy from time to time.


What data do I process and why?

I store a limited amount of personal data. This comprises:

  • Contact information about clients, former clients, prospective clients and professional associates. I use this data to contact people as necessary to inform them about my services and in the course of conducting my work.

  • Confidential notes recording my work with clients such as coaching sessions, interviews and group work. This is integral to the service I provide. It helps me recall salient points from my meetings.


What are the legal bases for this processing?

The legal basis for keeping the data described is legitimate interest.


Sharing data

I do not share data with third parties except where I have sought prior permission and to do so would benefit the individual.


I share information about my work with clients and organisations with the supervisors who oversee my professional practice, however this does not include full names and contact details. Supervision is itself conducted in confidence. I regard it as an assurance of high standards for my clients, whom I always inform that I work on this basis.


Data retention

I store data indefinitely. Retention of contacts database is necessary for building and maintaining legitimate business relationships with actual or potential clients. My confidential notes are retained because clients often return to me after an assignment has ended, so the information I have on record is of value when resuming work with them. Additionally, I retain client notes as a source of evidence in the event of legal challenge. All data is stored on an encrypted server.


Your rights

You are entitled to see what data I have relating to you on my files. You are also entitled to see the data that relates to you if you so wish. I would not agree to the destruction of records from previous work as I do not believe that this is in either my or my clients’ interests for the reasons stated above. Should you wish to inquire about the data I hold on you or your company please contact me at