Training and mentoring for coaches

I help practising or aspiring coaches develop greater confidence and fluidity in their client work, for CPD and for professional credentialing requirements. I'm an experienced coach (Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation) with 1000+ hours of client coaching hours.

‘Be Here Now’ Mindfulness in Coaching Programme

Learn powerful ‘mindfulness’ skills and techniques to take your professional coaching practice to deeper levels of mastery, clarity and confidence; and to significantly enhance your personal wellbeing and resilience. The programme provides 22 ICF CCE units (19 core competency and 3 resource development).

IMPORTANT NOTE in context of Covid-19

These programmes WILL BE going ahead as they take place virtually on Zoom. Also, if you are keen to take part in a course sooner that the next one (starting on 1 June) then please get in touch. If there is enough demand I will run a course sooner in April/May.

Why mindfulness in coaching?

Truly effective coaching relies on the quality of your awareness and presence – so you can ‘hold the space’ for the client’s process of enquiry, insight and change. Mindfulness is the most effective training to cultivate this. Developed through meditation and other simple exercises, it’s about learning to pay attention in the present moment to yourself, others and your environment. Clinical research has proven the positive benefits of mindfulness for wellbeing, resilience and clarity of thought.

Who’s this programme for?

The programme is suitable for practising coaches of all kinds (life coaches, executive coaches, etc.) seeking greater depth of coaching practice. It’s particularly useful for ICF coaches seeking CCEUs for credential renewals.


What will I get?

You will develop greater levels of confidence, psychological flexibility and intuitive awareness to apply both to your coaching practice and your personal life. Put more simply, you will learn how to feel more present, centred and ‘tuned in’ – whatever you’re doing. To support the six live online sessions, the programme includes a comprehensive ‘workbook’ with essential background material on both mindfulness as a practice in its own right and its applications in coaching. You will also have access to a range of guided mindfulness meditations to practise in your own time.


Where and when

The training takes place over six live Zoom weekly 2-hour sessions, with two hours of ‘home practice’ (coaching in pairs, plus reading) in between each session. The programme is limited to 10 participants to ensure sufficient attention is given to each participant. The next course dates are 

Mondays 1 June - 6 July 2020 (17.00-19.00)

Mondays 21 September - 26 October 2020 (17.00-19.00)

Sessions are recorded so it's fine to miss up to two of the live sessions as long as you watch the recordings in full and take part in the home practice.

What does the programme cover?

  • Session 1: Introducing mindfulness in coaching

  • Session 2: Mindful awareness in coaching

  • Session 3: Working mindfully with thoughts in coaching

  • Session 4: Working mindfully with emotions in coaching

  • Session 5: Working mindfully with choice, decision and actions in coaching

  • Session 6: Taking mindfulness into your coaching future

Through a balance of theory and practice, the programme works at three levels:

 1. Mindfulness fundamentals – to enhance your own wellbeing, awareness and clarity of thought, as the basis for learning at the next two levels


2. ‘Explicit’ mindfulness in coaching – sharing with clients simple techniques and meditations, and using mindfulness-based reflections and questions


3. ‘Implicit’ mindfulness in coaching – mindfulness techniques to help manage yourself best as a coach; using mindfulness-based approaches and tools to deepen and sharpen all the ICF Core Competencies:

  • hold the broadest perspective whilst also focusing on the client’s agenda (contracting)

  • build a natural, compassionate rapport with the client (trust and intimacy)

  • be fully available for the client with curiosity and calm non-judgment (presence)

  • listen deeply to what is really going on for the client (active listening)

  • develop your confidence to say what needs to be said (powerful questioning, direct communication and creating awareness)

  • understand when ‘doing’ needs to be counterbalanced by ‘being’, enabling clients’ actions to be authentic and effective (designing actions, planning and goal setting and managing progress and accountability)

1-1 mentor coaching

Whether you’re just starting out as a coach, or already have a good level of experience, 1-1 mentor coaching can help you take your skills and confidence to the next level. I’ll support you to get clear about what is and isn’t working well in your coaching, and what steps you can take to enhance it. Mentor coaching often takes place as part of the requirements to gain/renew coaching credentials with the International Coach Federation, with the focus on the core coaching competencies.

About Tim Segaller


Tim is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and a Mindfulness Trainer. He has pioneered the fusion of the two approaches, and has led dozens of mindfulness courses – often integrated with coaching – in businesses, and in the community. He is author of ‘The ABC Guide to Mindfulness’.

"Tim's expertise and how he seemed to live and breathe his teaching made a profound impact on me."

"A great course – well worth it. Should be a mandatory part of coach training."

“Tim has a wonderful gravitas and presence. He held the group extremely well, with a blend of listening and compassion combined with assertiveness and energy.”

"Excellent, thought-provoking, nicely paced"

“I will definitely be introducing mindfulness to my clients”